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Tea is such a common drink that nobody says ’no’ to the offer of tea. A worldwide hot drink started

walking from 2600 BC from China. East India Company took the ‘Tea Business’ to a new level. In China

there is ‘Tea Festival’, even the Japanese people also drinks tea. The ritual of the Emperor was of

drinking tea in Japan and was exquisite. Even to commit a suicide, they had the style of taking tea before


Now Bangladesh is one of the top level countries which produce best tea leaves in this world. The best

leaves are plucked from the Tea plants and then processed into real tea. The Rebnal Tea is one of the best

wholesale teas Company in Bangladesh.

There is no road, no place, no stall where there isn’t any tea available. Everywhere you go, you will see

tea stalls. If not a shop, there will be a small or smallest tea stall. Now people also keep some snacks

while they sell tea. If you are hungry, you can tae bread and tea with the least price. Talking about the

price and the quality? Rebnal is giving the best of price and quality.

All of us love to drink tea, especially in winter; it is the best delicious and affordable drink. Even a child

cannot say no to hot tea. Rebnal is a wholesale tea Company in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Popularity is

increasing slowly but definitely.

How to make tea: You must know how to prepare tea. If you have good quality tea and if it is fresh like

Black Tea, you can boil the water, put correct amount of tea leaves, let it boil and then cover it with a lid

and lower the flame, let it simmer for a while. Then you sieve it in a cup, add milk and sugar if you like.

But you must not boil green tea. These leaves are different. If you boil them they become worthless.

Green tea must be dropped in the boiling water and he stove must be put off. Cover the tea with a lid, stir

gently, pour it in your cup, and don’t add sugar, just drink. Green tea is taken without milk or sugar. If

you like to add sweetener, you can use honey.

The benefits of drinking tea:

 There are antioxidants in tea.

 The coffee has more caffeine than tea

 Drinking tea reduces heart-attacks and the risks of stroke

 Green tea helps to reduce weight

A cup of tea, always makes you smile.

Consumption amount of tea

Some of us take a cup of tea two times a day. But some drinks it 6 to 7 times a day, even 10

to 12 times a day. This type of habit is not at all healthy.

Harms caused by drinking too much tea

According to the research result from the Glasgow University it is said that if you drink seven or

more cup of tea daily, then you have 50% higher chance of prostate cancer.

If you drink 70 0 c degree hot tea, then you might have esophageal cancer.

Black Tea Photo


There are so many different types of tea produced from this Company named’ Rebnal.’ It is a well known

brand, serving nationally and internationally.

Sunglasses Black Tea

The terrific “Black Tea” is from Srimangal, Bangladesh. It is also named as”Sunglasses Black tea.”The

original product, fresh tea leaves comes straight from the garden. The ‘Rebnal’ is a very popular tea

Company but it is most popular to people because of its refreshing flavor, aroma and the color if blended

with milk. Doctors are saying that Black Tea is the best drink. The black tea is pure Sreemongale

special CTC leaf black tea. The best beat liquor and best flavored tea. The quality is

guaranteed100% and BSTI approved. The 500gm size packet is available. Delivery time takes 3-7 days.

Rebnal Green Tea:

Other then Black Tea, they have “Green Tea” also with the same popularity. If you ever get a chance to

drink it, you will become a great fan of ‘Rebnal Green Tea.’ As you know Green Tea is the best healthy

drink. It has become the best beverage, loaded with anti-oxidants’. It helps people improve their brain

function. It helps you to burn your fat and lowers your risk to cancer.

Rebnal Green Tea with Honey.


The third type tea is ‘Rebnal Green Tea with Honey.’ It is another healthy drink. What you have to care is

remember the ratio of green tea and honey. You will miss the healthy drink, if your proportion goes


PROS: The exceptional flavored,

Fresh, and to give you the best refreshment is this Black Tea.

Low cost but gives you the feeling of ‘special’,

Packets in different weight

One of the best

From the internet, you will see it helps to fight HPV

CONS: Available online only

No small packets

Excessive Green tea can cause stomach upset

Can give you constipation


Rebnal tea is available online. The Company is looking for dealers to spread their business. If you want

to own a business, this is your chance to pick this business.

The 5 kg Rebnal Tea is only 1900 taka, which is only 22.40USD. The tea is selling Grate is as BOP,

GBOP, OF, PF PD, RD, DUST and CD/DUST tea.Rebnal Tea has fans all over Bangladesh. Rebnal tea is very popular, it is selling in Sylhet, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Barisal, Khulna and Rangpur.



If you ever get an offer to drink Rebnal tea, drink it without hesitation. If you get an opportunity to try it,

close your eyes and take a sip. You will feel Sylhet tea garden and leaves of the garden. Definitely you

will buy this tea next time.

According to my thoughts, do this business. It is a positive business. With low cost, you can get huge

profit, as there are more people getting the habit of drinking tea. Even you can talk to the Company

Manager and can get helps and benefits related to the business.

You can do the business but do not cross your limits of having tea.

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